How do I get my bib for the event?

To get your bib, you should first check that:
- you paid the registration fees to the Challenge when you subscribed for it,
- you have reached the fundraising goal minimum on your page ​before the deadline,
- you received our confirmation mail once you reached the goal.

For practical information about how to get your bib, you should then visit the page related to your Challenge in the folowing table:
Alvarum Challenge Event Date Information Page
Schneider Electric Paris Marathon 2016 April, 3rd 2016 click here
Berlin Halfmarathon 2016 April, 3rd 2016 click here
BMW Berlin Marathon 2017 September, 24th 2017 click here
Semi-Marathon de Paris 2016 March, 6th 2016 click here
Marseille-Cassis 2016 October, 30th 2016 click here

Caution !
All event organizers require you to pick up your bib and starting documents the day before the race. Make sure to plan ahead so you will have enough time!

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